Thursday, 21 March 2019

let them go tarpan

Automatic text in response to collage, part of ongoing inquiry into squaring the circle:
(for nana pussy)

 to unearth the ghost of the tarpan...

I peel back the bark of memory
and it's girl is also a goul
illuminated by a single iris
or does she shine on it's yellow? (I cannot tell)

the tarpan recede
as i peel and peel; a remembering, following sort of dryness
a sandstorm in the mouth
but at the very same time watered
by the precision involved in me folding a paper airplane
which is just the present, apparently.

and lets be serious, i can fold it with my eyes closed.
I, delimiter and colour.

Oh, and the word foals!

Saturday, 26 January 2019

I'm with Her

ovum awakening from stasis
is cosmic expansion 


  blowing bubble swirls a breast

  shark mouth is imploding star in the aquarium